W E L C O M E   T O   K E N N E L   N A N D U H R I A
We want to breed healthy dogs according to the breed standard with character strong enough to do all sports. Dogs with good nerves, drive and working capacity are important! We aim for social and strong dogs, but we don't want sharpness. It's important that the dogs are suitable for borth family -and working. Cooperation with handler and the "will to please" is of course important. It's too much work with dogs too independent, but a little is also needed - a good balance.

We want to have all our puppies to be mentaltested at MH-test or the norwegian "Funksjonsanalyse"  - similar to the swedish title "Korad". I have also taken courses at The Kennel Club in Genetics and Breeding.

Here is a link to our Facebook page.

 Kristine B. Vinje  (prev. Holter)
in cooperation with Veronica Olsen - Kennel High Limits.

We are located in the south-east of Norway.
For questions please contact Kristine by phone +47 41 32 73 14 or send us an e-mail.



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