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FR 3 MR 3 Orsam de Salte Cabre


Fr.Ring III, selectif 2003 & 2004, Finalist 2003!! Mondioring III, selectif 2005, Finalist in september 2005!!!!

He was the first
groenendael since 25 years to be present at the final of Ring......

He is just extraordinary! Well balanced with a super social temperament, fantastic working abilities and very strong nerves.

Hips ok

He has only one sister from same litter, Ring II Orca de Salte Cabre (tervueren) . She is mother of many good dogs competing in Ring II and III. IPO 3 Malek de Salte Cabre is from the the same combination, as Orsam, but Malek is older.  Ring 3 Ludo de Salte Cabre is also same lines.

Orsam has 3 litters  born in France, two of them at kennel Du Chateau du Paradis and one at kennel Du Champ Boulet. Another litter of 7 puppies were born from frozen semen in USA 05.10.2005! Most of them are trained and competes in Ringsport.

We have also a son of Orsam imported from France, take a look at Billy!


     Andrè & Orsam Finale Ring 2003


Ring 3 s.r. Ut Champion Travail Duke du Lac Du Lezert (terv)



Ring 3 Atos (mal) Fr Ring 3 Belg Ring I G`Vitou des Deux Pottois (mal) Ch Tr. Ring 3 Clip (mal)
Dolie des Deux Pottois (mal)
Onde de Spacieux Vallon (mal) Ring 3 Zeus du Clos St Michel (mal)
Leda du Bois D'Emblise (mal)
Alfa du Manoir d`Ardivilier (mal) Ring 3 Stop de La Noaillerie (mal) Xellavan (mal)
Oltenie de la Noaillerie (mal)
Octane de la Fontaine du Buis (mal) Ring 3 Mutin de la Fontaine du Buis (mal)
Morgane de la Fontaine du Buis (mal)
Ring 2 Harmony de Salte Cabre (groen) Ring 3 Carlos de Salte Cabre (groen) Ring 3 Starko de la Fontaine du Buis (terv) Ring 3 Mutin de la Fontaine du Buis (mal)
Nelia de la Fontaine du Buis (mal)
Plouky de Salte Cabre (terv) Lupin de la Clos de la Cascade (groen)
Night de Salte Cabre (groen)
Adja de Salte Cabre (groen) Ring 3 Ritz (terv) Ch Tr. Ring 3 Typitz du Mouscronnais (mal)
Bonnie du Mouscronnais (mal)
Naylly de Salte Cabre (terv) Ch Tr. Ring 3 Tabou de L'Orchidee (groen)
Valie des Iroquois (groen)



News from France september 2006: (descendants of Orsam)
At the trial of AMBOISE, GROENENDAEL are the KINGS and beat Malinois !!!

Ring 3 : REX de Champ Boulet (Claude FOUCAULT) with 372 points (not descendant of Orsam, but grandfather to the E-litter)
Ring 1 : VANS du Chateau du Paradis with 182 points. VANS has lost 10 points at the "refusal of meat" she came back to her driver, otherwise she was first with 194 points
Brevet : VICKY du Chateau du Paradis (owner of Orsam trains her) with 98.8 points, his brother VIDOCQ with 89 points !!!

The breeder in USA that has a litter from Orsam described him:

Orsam de Salte Cabre was a wonderful discovery, a Groenendael down from Malinois who has competed at the highest levels in French Ringsport and Mondioring.   Orsam is very very social around people and other dogs and show no stress when other intact males posture towards him.  He is highly confident and strong, much more than I hoped to find.  He jumps the maximums in French Ringsport and Mondioring in the broad jump, the hurdle and the palisade at eight years of age.


Orsam competed in the finals in the 2004 French Ringsport Selectifs in France where only the top dogs are chosen to compete  because they have earned the necessary scores .  Also, in 2005, he was the first Belgian Groenendael to compete in the Mondioring finals in France.  I was able to travel to France to meet this wonderful dog.  Today, Orsam has the highest titles among the Groenendael in France.



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